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The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers over 2,000 opportunities for students to study, research, or teach abroad while promoting cross-cultural interaction and mutual understanding. Candidates looking to study or conduct research abroad will need to develop an independent program proposal and secure an in-country affiliation. Grants will fund project and living expenses for an 8-12 month period.

Students apply to a specific country for a specific proposal. You may only apply to one country to do one thing. Thus, the first step is to select where you'd like to go and what you plan to do there. Each country has their own number of grants, selection criteria, and eligibility qualifications. You should carefully review the requirements for your country of interest! Country descriptions are available on the Fulbright website.

Students planning to apply for the 2024-2025 grant cycle must attend an info sessioncomplete an advising appointment, and register your intent to apply by June 1. If no remaining info sessions work with your schedule, please email fellowships@richmond.edu and we can provide you with a recording.

Students should expect to dedicate time to actively work on applications throughout the summer; drafts will be due approximately every two weeks in June, July, and August.  All students must submit by the Campus Deadline of August 26; applicants will then undergo a Campus Committee Evaluation and essay feedback/review will be provided as resources allow. 

UR's Campus Fulbright Deadline for the 2024-2025 application cycle is 8:00 a.m. on August 26, 2024.

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  • Fulbright Dates & Deadlines
    • Attend our Fulbright Launch Event! 3/28 5pm 
      • Thursday, March 28, 5-6pm ET, International Center Commons (Register here)
      • Hear from recent alums Gabi Telepman (Binational Business grant to Mexico) and Griffin Trau (English Teaching Assistantship to the Czech Republic) as they talk about their Fulbright experiences and how it shaped their paths.
    • Attend an information session - March-May 2024
    • Complete an advising appointment and register your intent to apply - June 1
      • Sign up for an individual advising appointment here. Advising appointments should be scheduled after attending an info session. 
      • Drop-in Advising is available Wednesday afternoons in April from 2-4pm ET in 308 Tyler Haynes Commons: 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, and 4/24
      • All students who attend an info session and complete an advising appointment will be added to our Blackboard course, which contains resources for assisting students in crafting their applications. 
      • Advisees will be prompted to register their intent to apply during advising.
    • Attend a workshop - June 2024 (Registration to come!)
      • Tuesday, June 4,, 5-6:30pm — Fulbright Bootcamp 1: Personal Statements 
      • Tuesday, June 18, 5-6:30pm — Fulbright Bootcamp 2: ETA Statement of Grant Purpose
      • Alumni who wish to attend these events should email fellowships@richmond.edu.
    • Complete application due by Campus Deadline: 8:00 a.m. on August 26, 2024
    • Campus Evaluation Process – September 2024
    • National Deadline – October 8, 2024
  • Types of Grants

    The Fulbright awards two main types of grants: Study/Research Awards and English Teaching

    Study/Research Awards allow recipients to spend 8-12 months in a foreign country conducting independent research or studying at an academic institution.

    English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) awards provide opportunities to spend 8-12 months in a foreign country teaching English language and conversation classes.

    • ETAs are only available in select countries and teach students from elementary school through the college level, depending on location (see country descriptions for specifics)
    • ETAs are not expected to be the primary English instructor in their classrooms; they serve as supplemental instructors focusing on teaching American culture and providing conversation practice with a native speaker
    • More specifics on the ETA program and available countries can be found here
    • The Fulbright also offers a handful of specialty grants, including field-specific awards, Fulbright mtvU, and Fulbright Nat Geo. More information on these can be found here
  • Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for the Fulbright, students must meet the minimum requirements:

    • Have a baccalaureate degree by the start of the grant (usually graduating seniors or recent alumni)
    • Be a U.S. citizen at the time of application
    • Possess language skills commensurate with proposed project
    • Strong academic record (at least a 3.0)

    To be competitive for the Fulbright, students will need to demonstrate:

    • Previous research experience (research grants)
    • Previous teaching/instruction experience (ETAs)
    • Strong letters of recommendation
    • Projects that correspond with educational/professional goals
    • Compelling reason to conduct project abroad in specific country
    • Interest in serving as a cultural ambassador abroad
  • Application

    The Office of Scholars & Fellowships is here to help all eligible students with the application process. Our office will provide you feedback on your application materials, especially the two application essays; applicants should be prepared to revise these essays multiple times. For students applying for a research proposal, assistance from a faculty member within your discipline is also critical.

    Students interested in applying must attend an information session and complete an advising appointment by June 1, 2024. This will start you on the application path. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the Fulbright program, please call or email the Office of Scholars & Fellowship at (804) 662-3060.

  • How to Apply

    For the 2024-2025 grant cycle, current UR students MUST apply through the Office of Scholars & Fellowships. Students must attend an information session, complete an advising appointment, register for our campus process, and meet the August 26, 2024 campus deadline. Students should be prepared to complete a new essay draft every two weeks in June, July, and August.

    Recent alumni not enrolled in graduate studies may apply through UR and complete the campus evaluation process, or apply directly to the Fulbright "At-large." For alumni applying through UR, applicants must attend an information session in person or remotely, complete an advising appointment, register for our campus process, and meet the August 26, 2024 campus deadline.

  • Past Fulbright U.S. Student Program Recipients

    Marco Barcenas-Consuelo, English Teaching Assistantship, Portual, 2023

    Isabela Keetley, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain, 2023

    Sandra Reyes, English Teaching Assistantship, Colombia, 2023

    Cutty Ashley, English Teaching Assistantship, Morocco, 2022

    Isabelle Drayer, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain, 2022

    Meher Kaur, Research/Study: Development Studies, India, 2022

    Alex Pistolesi, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain, 2022

    Anna Tartline, English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico, 2022

    Sarah Wagner, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2022

    Megan Wing, English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico, 2022

    Caroline Fernandez, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea, 2021

    Jajsani Roane, English Teaching Assistantship, Netherlands, 2021

    Gabriela Telepman, Fulbright-Garcia Robles Binational Business Program, Mexico, 2020

    Mehreen Usman, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan, 2020

    Justine Guan, English Teaching Assistantship, Kazakhstan, 2019

    Griffin Trau, English Teaching Assistantship, Czech Republic, 2019

    Emily Landon, English Teaching Assistantship, Tajikistan, 2019

    Thomas Vanderbeek, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2019

    Racquel Francis, English Teaching Assistantship, Colombia, 2018

    Jack Goodin, Research/Study: Ecology, Uruguay, 2018

    Tim Gruber, English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia, 2018

    Rocío Posada-Castañeda, English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico, 2018

    Gabrielle Robinson, English Teaching Assistantship, Panama, 2018

    Soleil Shah, Research/Study: London School of Economics Award - Political Science, United Kingdom, 2018

    Jackie Sirc, Research/Study: Political Science, Switzerland, 2018

    Jessica Weaver, English Teaching Assistantship: Germany, 2018

    Jacquelyn Pearlmutter, English Teaching Assistantship, Brazil, 2017

    Ryan McEvoy, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2017

    Taylor Johnson, English Teaching Assistantship, Ukraine, 2017

    Klarabelle Celine Ang, English Teaching Assistantship, Morocco, 2016

    Dane Michael Harrison, Research/Study: Journalism, Slovenia, 2015

    Kimberlee Maria Laney, English Teaching Assistantship, Kazakhstan, 2015

    Gwendolyn Carrie Setterberg, English Teaching Assistantship, Argentina, 2015

    Aleah Sterman Goldin, Research/Study: Interdisciplinary Studies, Mongolia, 2013

    Nabila Rahman, English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia, 2012

    Jennifer Loughnane, English Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia, 2011

    Nathan Bullock, Research/Study: Geography, Singapore, 2010

    Rebecca Stewart, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea, 2010

    Kyle A. Bell English Teaching Assistantship Spain 2009

    John C. Calhoun, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan, 2009

    Aaron C. Daugherty, English Teaching Assistantship. Indonesia, 2009

    Jill E. Eisenberg, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan, 2009

    Lauren M. Grewe, English Teaching Assistantship, Bangladesh, 2009

    Kate F. Simma, English Teaching Assistantship, Peru, 2009

    Emily C. Jenchura, Research/Study: Psychology, Trinidad & Tobago, 2008

    Kara D. Schultz, Research/Study: History, Spain, 2008

    Katelyn P. Reighard, Research/Study: Chemistry, Israel, 2008

    Tori E. Foster, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea, 2008

    Laurie P. Knies, English Teaching Assistantship, Hong Kong, 2008

    Genevieve C. Goulding, Research/Study: International Relations, France, 2007

    Jessica V. Loman, English Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia, 2007

    Kathleen B. McKinney, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2007

    Nina Bhattacharyya, Research/Study: Biology, Trinidad & Tobago, 2006

    Anne D. Johnson, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain, 2006

    Caroline A. Weist, Research/Study: Drama, Germany, 2005

    Anne M. Schwalbe, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2005

    Kevin C. Lingerfelt, Research/Study: Information Sciences & Systems, Ukraine, 2004

    Ian M. Billard, Research/Study: East Asian/Pacific/Australian Studies, China, 2004

    Michael G. Goff, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany, 2004

    Joshua W. Walker, Research/Study: Middle Eastern Studies, Turkey, 2003

    Danielle L. Joyce, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea, 2001

    Erin M. Fleming, Research/Study: Business and Economics, Mexico, 1999

    Craig M. Fagan, Research/Study: Transportation, Argentina, 1997

    Jason B. Meyler, Research/Study: Latin American Languages & Literature, Colombia, 1997

    Daniel J. Gertsacov, Research/Study: Economic Development, Chile, 1997

    Jonathan D. Meade, Research/Study: Environmental Studies, Canada, 1996

    Laly L. Lichtenfeld, Research/Study: Biology, Kenya, 1996

    Jennifer L. Welsh, Research/Study: Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Germany, 1995

    Mary A. Crowe, Research/Study: Economics, Germany, 1994

    Robert Goodman, Research/Study: History, Austria, 1991

    Hanson Peiffer, English Teaching Assistantship West Germany, 1990

    Ann C. Bennighof, Research/Study: African Languages and Literatures, Cameroon, 1977

    Gregory N. Daugherty, Research/Study: Classical Languages and Literature, Italy, 1970

    Leonard J. Greenspoon, Research/Study: Italian Language and Literature, Italy, 1967