Information for Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Cable, Faculty Director of Scholars and Fellowships, works with the Office of Scholars and Fellowships to expand the opportunities for our students as they consider applying for national awards. Faculty members participate in this effort in many ways, including providing the excellent education that draws these students forward toward an interest in pursuing further study. In addition, two other important contributions are highlighted here:

First, faculty members are crucial for identifying potential fellowship candidates and encouraging them to apply. The Scholars and Fellowships Office is interested in identifying potential candidates as early as possible-even during their first year of study. If you have a student who is truly exceptional, please email Dr. Jennifer Cable with the student’s name and some brief comments about the student. In addition, a conversation with a faculty member is often sufficient motivation for a student to consider graduate study and/or to pursue a national fellowship. Engaging an excellent student in even a casual conversation about the possibilities can be just what is needed to inspire Richmond’s next national scholar.

Second, faculty members are the most common sources of reference letters for national fellowships. Letters for these fellowships differ from those written in support of job applications or even graduate schools. Each fellowship is looking for something specific—a particular kind of accomplishment, thought, or experience—and the kinds of letters faculty members write can literally separate the award winners from the rest. If a student contacts you and asks for a letter in support of an application for a national fellowship, contact Dr. Cable for guidance. She and her office colleagues are most familiar with the criteria required for fellowship reference letters that can make all the difference to our students’ applications.